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A publishing house specialising in limited editions, Primer Books, is renowned for producing works of art that are prized possessions amongst collectors of fine books.

High quality art, aesthetics and design are the hallmarks of this organisation. The publishers employ these elements when carefully and thoughtfully choosing their subject material and authors.

In 2016, internationally acclaimed photographer a Phil Aynsley features with his latest work- a tribute to Ducati – a photographic masterpiece that would sit proudly in any motorcycle enthusiast’s home or office.

A remarkable piece of work, Aynsley captures the unique and intricate design and engineering of a brand that has stamped itself on the motorcycle world.

Every image conveys a story that suggests genius from the workmanship in producing such fine machinery to the photographer’s ability to capture the creativity and engineering that are synonymous with the Ducati brand.

As former Ducati motorcycle racer and journalist, Cook Nielson says:

“Aynsley captures emotion in metal. I can look at an Aynsley photo of bevel gears, or a crankcase casting, a desmo rocker arm or a drum brake assembly, and I see not just the particular shape of the metal but the talent and dedication of the designers, the tool
makers, the foundry workers and the machinists who created it.”

For Primer books, it’s another valuable addition to its growing collection of fine book productions.

As limited editions, Primer books are only available through select bookshops or through our website ,for Australian retail or

Future titles currently in production:
Italian Racing Motorcycles – a photographic tribute
500cc Grand Prix Motorcycles – The 2-stroke era – a photographic tribute.

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